Crashplan lost my data!! (Or did they)?

ImageSince my last post there have been developments.  2 days ago I got a mail from Crashplan asking if I wanted to have a call with them.  Same day I got the following

I wanted to provide you an update.

We were able to pull your backup archive off the impacted portion of our cloud. Your archive is currently running through a maintenance cycle and we expect to have your entire original archive back in place within the next day or so.
We apologize for the inconvenience and will be sure to provide another update once the maintenance cycle completes.

Thanks and kind regards-

So to be fair to Crashplan they made an effort and restored the data.  I got a later notification it was back and so re-kicked off my backup.  Now it appears to me that some data is being reuploaded and I have sent details to Crashplan but it appears to either be all there or mostly there.

I do appreciate I went kinda off on twitter and on here to say the data was lost but they did say it was to be fair?  Also I acknowledge that the guys have been keen to speak to me but honestly I am pretty busy as I have a few jobs on the go and need to prioritize but do appreciate their efforts.

For now I am going to stick with them partially because they sorted it and partially because I dont want to reupload 30gb from Scratch.

I will post any updates on here.  Oh and as a few people asked I have worked in Software Engineering for almost 10 years and currently work for a large American Multinational.  I also have a very small production company and do other bits and pieces.


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